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For a client who had purchased a beautiful apartment in the capital, we were commissioned to turn it into an attractive Pièd a Terre. The apartment was delivered casco, so it had to be arranged from head to toe from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the lighting to the upholstery and decor. Everything.

A lot had to be done and the future residents had specific wishes. Setting up a pied-à-terre requires a different approach than a family house or a villa. The emphasis is more on luxury and enjoyment. The customer dares to make different choices in terms of materials and colors than in a house where people live permanently. A great challenge for us!


Much of what we have done here is custom work; custom made for this apartment. Because standard solutions turned out not to be sufficient. Fortunately, we were immediately in line with the owners. Taking into account their wishes and colors, we opted for a design and decoration that is very warm and comfortable during the day and modest in the evening, but definitely luxurious. The result is fantastic and the combination with the breathtaking view of Amsterdam makes it even more spectacular. "

In collaboration with: *  PrachtNova verbouwmanagers - Den Dolder Keukenhuis de Tweede kamer - Naarden

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