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Wim & Anne-Bauk van der Spek

We provide customized interior advice that focuses on you. The Interior has been our passion for over 30 years. With this experience and knowledge we combine the best from various style periods into a beautiful and harmonious design. A mix of different styles. This in close collaboration with you. We experience decorating houses in the first place as a matter of feeling, as human work. "We delve into the residents." How do you live, what do you like, what are your housing requirements? An interior must reflect the character of the residents, it must have a soul. You want more than a no-oblication advice, you want dedication and a worry-free route to the home of your dreams. When our last project was delivered, the response was from our clients; "This feels like coming home" and that was exactly what we had in mind.

In a first interview, all the time is taken to get to know you better. What are your wishes, how do you live, what is important to you. Do you like modern, classic, rural or contemporary. Handles for us to make a plan that suits you. Our task is to take all this information into account and to give it substance in a surprising way. Due to many visits to fairs at home and abroad, we are well aware of all the beautiful things that are offered in interior design. Beautiful fabrics, furniture, different paint techniques, floor finishes etc. For us every assignment is a challenge, from a single room in your house or office to the "turn key" design of your new house. When renovating or constructing a new house, we are happy to watch from the beginning in order to ultimately achieve the best result. Have we made you curious, do not hesitate to call us or e-mail us for a no-obligation conversation.


Plattegrond appartement in A'dam vanderS
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